+49 med GmbH, Berlin

+49 med GmbH, Berlin

Working in the Main Railway Station.

At the start of September 2012, the time had come for the first employees of dialogue manufacturer +49 med to move into their new premises in Berlin Main Railway Station.
But what exactly is a ‘dialogue manufacturer’? +49 med regards itself as a service provider for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the medical technology sector and health insurance funds. The newly established company offers its clients new sales methods and forms of dialogue, providing them support when addressing their target groups. “Please don’t ever think of us as a call centre,” say the Managing Directors of the new company, Thomas-Marco Steinle and Anno Diekmann.

There are now about 120 members of staff sitting at the workstations specially developed for this project in the arched structure at the north east of Berlin Main Railway Station. The extremely individual furnishing design by the”Institut für Raumfreiheit” (Institute for Spatial Freedom) in Mannheim was developed, produced and assembled on site by planmöbel within the shortest possible time.
From desks with integrated storage room to furniture for training rooms, through to cloakroom fittings and furniture in the staff lounge – planmöbel found ways to respond to the widest range of requirements.

With its unique design, the platinum silver furniture softened with hues of fuchsia and violet creates a welcoming and pleasant environment. The way that the workspaces are grouped together in a relaxed style in the light, open rooms creates a sense of community, but there is also an option for privacy for work that requires a lot of concentration. The most important thing is for every employee to feel good – that’s one of the main concerns of the management team.

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