Augustabank, Augsburg

Augustabank, Augsburg

Bank 2.0

Visually a “very different bank” was the recent statement of Marita Hälbig, director of Augusta-Raiffeisen-Volksbank eG, Region Augsburg Nord, Augsbug district Lechhausen.

Since October 2012, the team welcomes its customers in their branch to “modern standards”: barrier-free, the self-service sector is completely on ground level and energetically up to date. The building was completely gutted and the window surface accentuated.

The entrance as well as the customer and consulting or waiting area was completely redesigned. In addition, a presentation – and event space was created.
Again, Planmöbel could demonstrate versatility and produced not only system furniture such as tables, cupboards and containers but also individually designed service and advisor workstations and a space for writing opportunities for the customer.

A particular challenge was represented, facing the counter and self-service machines.
To offer the customer the complete package, Planmöbel manufactured also the kitchen and various smaller interior solutions, designed by Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Konz,
Visio GmbH “Schwäbisch Gmünd”.

Partner: Bittner3 Einrichtungen GmbH, Augsburg

Photos: Eckhart Matthäus Fotografie, Augsburg

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