DIAL, Lüdenscheid

DIAL, Lüdenscheid

m-pur black and white

Solid and economical buildings are the result of the integrative interaction between architecture and building-system-design. Creating the new DIAL-building has proofed the accuracy of this statement.
Planmöbel was allowed to contribute the functional and puristic interior design,
since „ Good things are simple“.

But then again – it turned out to be not quite so simple, because together with the creative of DIAL we implemented an extremely high claim to detail in a consistent black & white world, which had to fit into a tight budget, but still excels with its individual material and surface combinations.
A new, thin panel-material for the vertical white surfaces was found which profiles without edging,
with just a coat of colorless wax and it therefore shows the honest, inner black core. Table plates,
cover plates and handless drawer-fronts were manufactured with this material. Even cut-outs for media-interfaces were carried out without further edge-processing. A fine matt 1mm edge was used for the parts which did require an extra edge, to blend in perfectly well with the special black surfaces of the movable pedestal and the floating-gliding wardrobes. Derived and adapted from our lines m-pur and corpus-c, the customized interior with its consistently minimalist office building was born, the new DIAL.

On the 21 July the time had come. Approx. 80 workplaces and matching side boards, as well as some individual custom and build-in wall units found their place over just one weekend. In partnership with our furnishing partner “Beck-Objekte”, we took on this challenge. On the Monday morning the DIAL-team moved back to the re-appointed rooms to prepare for the opening ceremony on the 5 of July. Incidentally, this was a successful celebration with many interesting guests on a beautiful summer evening in the Sauerland.

Thank you for your trust and professional cooperation!

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