Inometa, Herford

Inometa, Herford

At the highest level, both inside and outside.

Quality and precision are high priorities at Inometa, not only in product development and manufacture, but also during the company’s location expansion. This is also reflected in the new administration building with its striking three-storey gatehouse and high standards of interior construction, and of course also in its interior furnishings.

100 new workplaces have been created over a surface area of 2,000 square metres – from open-plan offices which span the entire storey, to single offices for one or two people. All workplaces have been fitted with desktops from planmöbel’s m-pur programme.

Similarly, the planmöbel corpus-c storage space and cupboard units have been consistently deployed in different variations and functions. Small quantities of product solutions were also specially customised for Inometa.

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