MCI-Miritz GmbH & Co. KG, Kirchgandern

MCI-Miritz GmbH & Co. KG, Kirchgandern

Old meets new

MCI – Miritz from Kirchgandern, an international leader in the flavor industry is one of those so-called “hidden champions ” that no one and yet somehow everyone knows – or don’t you drink Coca Cola ? If you do, you will have already enjoyed the citrus flavors which MCI specializes in.

Established more than 40Years ago, the medium-sized, still family-run empire has a clear vision of tradition „It is the experience of the past that points the way to a successful future with dynamism and creativity. “ This combination of past and future is reflected in the expansion of the administrative building: A 100 year old town villa has been lovingly refurbished and extended with a rectangular glass building in the style of modernity.

The designs goal when it comes to furnishing, was to emphasize the charm of the villa and meeting the requirements of a modern building at the same time.

After first joint discussions with our furnishing-partner Klingenberg from Hanover it became apparent, that it was of great importance to the customer to have well thought out designs and high quality furnishing. We were able to meet specific ideas and requirements with our series program m-pur, direction-m and corpus-c. Using our expertise in customizing, the end product was a result of both: requirements adapted from the work processes as well as on the spatial structures / infrastructure of the building. That is how numerous workstations, kitchen units, reception as well as special cabinet-elements to cover the heating, came into being.

Very successful are the various conference rooms, especially the large conference table system, where the table top is covered with dark linoleum with veneer inserts – a combination of materials which looks amazing and it is safe to say that planmöbel will use this combination more often in the future.

In September the new premises were finally occupied, after close cooperation between planmöbel, Kingenberg and MCI. First and foremost the most beautiful, waxed smoked oak veneer strikes with its noble and high-grade impression, which feels cozy and warm at the same time.

We thank the customer MCI Miritz and our partner Klingenberg for the successful cooperation and trust. Every now and then, we will have a Coke together.

(photos: Thomas Bach, Hannover, Germany)

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