Raiffeisenbank Erlenbach

Raiffeisenbank Erlenbach

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After four months of renovation, the refurbishment of the Raiffeisen Bank Erlenbach, situated in idyllic vineyards, was completed and the team is looking forward to welcome their customers at the upgraded premises.

The branch from the 80′s was redeveloped and redesigned according to the design by Ing Klaus Konz (Visio GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd).
Problems such as low ceilings and limited space available for the accommodation of functions were mastered professionally.
Today, the customer enters bright and friendly rooms. Finally there is also a 24-hour service area available, which can be separated by glass partition which divides the bank counter from the 24h service area.

Raiffeisen Bank saw in planmöbel the perfect partner for this challenging task.
The service and reception desks are specially designed products, off series production, which were then further developed and implemented, according to the requirements of Visio.
The light-emitting element, which separates the waiting area from the staircase was also manufactured and delivered by planmöbel.

Relying on the well-proven quality of the product line m- pure and corpus-c, the consultation and administrative areas were set up – of course, adapted to the requirements of the customer. The executive offices were also furbished with
m-pur and corpus c.
Using the matching surfaces throughout the bank such as Winchester oak decor and white porcelain, all furniture matches well with the whole environment.
Again we were able demonstrate impressively the versatility of our customizing expertise.

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