Ravago Plastics, Belgium

Ravago Plastics, Belgium

The proportions are perfect here.

There are no “little people” working for Ravago Plastics – this is immediately evident to every visitor from the large number of height-adjustable desktops. Thanks to the m-pur programme, employees can work while either sitting or standing. 150 workplaces plus furnishings for the company cafeteria were placed literally in the hands of the firm from the town of Espelkamp.

The architecture of the Ravago Plastics main headquarters in Arendonk, with its compelling and functional concept, represents a tangible manifestation of the company’s corporate culture. The company building is impressive because it has been deliberately reduced to its essentials. Visitors will search in vain for elements which are merely for representation.

A clear structural language and functionality were also the deciding criteria in the choice of furnishing. All 150 workplaces, and the cafeteria, were universally fitted with tables from the planmöbel m-pur programme measuring 180 x 90 cm. All storage space and room segmentation elements use corpus-c cupboards of different heights.

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