All good things come in fours.

In collaboration with design bureau Artefakt Planmöbel has come up with an office furnishing system whose appeal is in its clear lines and in a few, repeated details.

fact 4 fits in completely with your requirements but, thanks to its clear design, boasts its own special character. The product segments desks, storage units, movable partitions and tech-mobiles can be combined or used independently of one another. As a result, this morning’s workstation by no means has to be the same as yesterday’s – the system is versatile enough to automatically adapt to changed work processes.

All of a piece.

The overall construction principle involves only a few parts. Central to the system’s flexibility is its multifunctional leg flange made of die-cast zinc, making it possible to erect, dismantle or alter the system quickly at any time.

Height adjustment is equally easy with fact 4: variable adjustment glides at the end of the legs allow users to alter the height of the tabletop smoothly to anything between 68 and 82 cm.

Everything neat and tidy.

We only ever have as much room in our heads as we do on our desks. A complete mess and piles of paper stop us from working and thinking.

Add-on options such as organizer tracks with added features, in and out trays, CD racks and utensil boxes help to make for a tidy desk and a tidy head.

Stable, yet flexible.

It combines the stability of two sturdy individual legs with the perceived spaciousness of half a warehouse: the fact 4 standing storage unit and of course it comes on castors if so desired.

The storage unit for equipment will hide your PC and, with its sliding sides, offers optimum access to its integrated power point and the cable holder.

On the surface.

Veneer, melamine, lacquer, metal and fabric – it is not only on the surface of things that the opportunities for designing and combining Planmöbel furniture are almost limitless.